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Your online guide to hiking, cycling, running and outdoor adventures in South Africa.

Accommodation in South Africa Accommodation in South Africa

In business since 2012, we have subsequently grown into multi-faceted tourism, able to offer our clients unique experiences. Now incorporating all our trails, tours and agencies under one name, Shark Trails Tours and Adventures, we celebrate these typical well known South African phenomena.

We cater for all ages, fitness levels, religions, health conditions, allergies or food preferences.

Accommodation in South Africa

Depending on the different trails, we take groups of 1-12 but arrangements can be made for bigger groups.

Pets are allowed( if allowed at place of accommodation) but only if they are on leash. Children are very welcome on our trails but pay full price, no exceptions.

We have arrangements in place with various restaurants or otherwise you will receive a voucher for your evening meal at a certain restaurant. Please feel free to tip their waiters if you are happy with their service.

You are very welcome to tip our guides, drivers and caterers.

Clients are very welcome to email us for information but confirmation on booking is only on full payment, within 7 days of your booking, although arrangements can be made if necessary.

Accommodation in South Africa

As a business, we pledge a certain percentage of our income to the welfare of the homeless, also requesting our visitors to the Shark Trails' help towards feeding the poor by bringing tins of food or other non-perishable foods that is picked up by various churches and organisations.

If you were happy, please post on our Facebook or Twitter pages (@sharktrails), if you were unhappy, please contact us directly so that we are able to immediately sort out the problem.

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